Victory Labs Athletes – Individuals dedicated to dominating life!

Our athletes are some of the fittest, most committed people on the planet! Their unwavering belief and dedication to achieve their goals it inspirational.

Denver Steyn

Denver Steyn is a Strength & Nutrition Coach who specialises in improved body composition through effective exercise and nutrition protocols.He is the author of two successful eBooks bridging the gap between optimal lifestyle structure and long-term adherence by utilising a balanced approach in exercise and nutrition.Denver is also a lifetime drug-free Bodybuilder who has competed on an International level and has been featured in multiple health & fitness publications.

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Lauren Drain

Lauren attributes her success to hard work, dedication, countless hours at the gym paired with proper nutrition and a lifestyle change for the better. She’s not your typical natural skinny girl that woke up one morning and called herself a fitness model. She works her butt off every day, has been through almost all the transformation struggles and definitely earned the right to call herself a fit chick!

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