With Christmas just around the corner it can be a little overwhelming planning how to stay on track with your fitness 
and physique goals. In some ways it is just another day and your goals are your goals, but in other ways having a physical and mental break during the festive season can be beneficial.

Regardless of your strategy, here’s 3 tips to keep your gains and maybe even bust out your abs this festive season.

ONE : Protein with Everything

With each meal you have throughout the holiday period be sure to include a solid protein source. If it’s a salad add chicken.
Eggs with breakfast, steak with dinner, etc. It is super beneficial from a “gains” perspective as well as a satiation
(reduced hunger) to include protein with each meal. Protein powder becomes super handy too, especially with those
pancakes you’re planning on having!

TWO : Prioritise the Essentials

What are the three most important tasks related to your fitness lifestyle? Do those first. For me, it is getting in a training session, consuming enough protein (covered that in tip #1) and eating enough fruit and vegetables. I’ll be grabbing a protein shake, picking up a piece of fruit and hitting the gym. Everything that follows is of less importance and prioritising the essentials can help to improve your mindfulness towards making smart choices nutritionally for the rest of the day.

THREE : Increase your Non-Exercise Activity

When you eat more calories than your body is accustomed to, you’ll have more energy and generally be a little more active without even noticing. Things like beach walks, hiking, social sports, and shopping can all be considered as non-exercise activity. It basically includes all movement that isn’t planned towards improving your strength or endurance, even cleaning
your house. Maybe you don’t really want to clean your house more, but find ways to increase your activity levels in a fun way
for everyone, rather than spending hours in the gym later!

Armed with these tips you’ll find yourself eating less, prioritising the essentials, and spending more time with friends and family whilst burning a few more calories in the process. The festive season is a time to relax and recover. Treat it as a “deload” for your body and mind from the daily hustle of life.  Because as you know, those New Year’s resolutions are right around the corner.

Article written by Victory Labs Athlete and strength and Nutrition Coach Denver Steyn. For Personalised Training and Nutrition Plans from Denver, check out www.denversteyn.com.

Written by Denver Steyn on December 07, 2015.